About us

Adventurous, fun and safe. This is us – the Bungee Team!

Ours is the only bungee centre in Slovenia. We have been organising safe bungee jumps from the Solkan road bridge since 1993. The history of our centre goes back 30 years when our predecessors – friends from Solkan and Nova Gorica – brought the idea of bungee jumping from abroad. We feel comfortable saying that our bungee centre is located at the most beautiful spot in Europe.

In the three decades, countless thrill seekers visited “our” bridge from all over the world. We are proud that after all these years, every weekend throughout the season, we are still able to offer this unique experience to all who want something more out of life.

Our team is comprised of the young and the young at heart; a bunch of adrenaline junkies who cannot imagine life without sports. We are avid cyclists, skiers, mountaineers, runners, water sports lovers and, of course, bungee jumpers on the weekend. We are responsible guys with a serious concern for safety, who still know how to keep things fun and stress-free. You will find that you can count on us to make you feel relaxed and take the leap off the bridge with a smile on your face. Iztok is the head of our team – strict with himself and his team, detail-oriented and always on top of things. Behind every man is a strong woman, and our team is no different. Tjaša takes care of everything behind the scenes. Every now and then you might meet her on the bridge, where she will be happy to give you tips on what to see in the vicinity and where to grab a delicious meal.

It goes without saying that there would be no us without you, our dear guests! We would like to thank all of you who have already visited us and warmly invite all those who are yet to discover this exhilarating experience. We also welcome all passers-by who curiously stop on the bridge to watch our brave jumpers. Lastly, our thanks go to the locals who have for decades helped us co-create this unique activity in Slovenia.