Top Extreme Bungee Jumping – 30th anniversary in Solkan

Solkan, 12th September 2023

For 30 years, thrilling, fun and safe bungee jumps have captivated visitors from home and abroad.

Our adrenaline-filled bungee jumping story began in the summer of 1993 on the road bridge that connects the town of Solkan near Nova Gorica with the Goriška Brda region. A few years prior, Solkan native Sandi Jug introduced this foreign concept to the home soil, perfected it together with his team, secured the necessary infrastructure and permits, and on 6 September 1993 carried out the first bungee jump. This novel attraction soon captivated not only the locals, but people from all over the country and abroad, and has been drawing thrill seekers ever since. The anniversary season is still ongoing and will be concluded with a retrospective of the past 30 years.

Our bungee jumping centre was established exactly 30 years ago and to this day remains the only one in Slovenia. Solkan native Sandi Jug brought the idea of bungee jumping from France and thought the Solkan bridge to be a perfect spot for it. He could not wait to share it with his two cousins and a friend. The young Jug men (Aleš, Marko and Sandi) from Solkan and their friend Igor Pavlin from Nova Gorica started working on their dream of opening a bungee centre – a true novelty at the time. They had to study everything from scratch: from the technical and safety details to event organisation and promotion. The process of attaining all necessary permits demanded meticulousness, care and great effort. However, their desire to offer something new was so great, they powered through all obstacles on their way.

The first day of bungee jumping in Solkan attracted many locals and passers-by, curious to witness the novelty. Unable to find a free parking space, people left their cars on the side of the road. The organisers’ loved ones stood on the bank of the Soča river, observing and commemorating the event with photos and videos. The first bungee jumper was not a person, but a couple of sandbags. The bags were weighed and used to test the functioning of the entire system. When the swaying sandbags over the river signalled success, the men and woman who created the bungee centre jumped one by one, followed by all those guests who craved an adrenaline rush. Watch the video here.  

The current team with Iztok Nemec at the helm is immensely grateful to the pioneers’ hard work, which still enables us to delight thrill-seeking visitors, as well as enrich the region’s tourism. We can confidently say that the beauty of our bungee centre’s location is unmatched in all of Europe – views of the emerald Soča river, Solkan, the Gorizia Castle, Kostanjevica hill, Goriška Brda, and the majestic stone Solkan Bridge captivate every visitor.

You are warmly invited to visit us between May and October. Let the experience of bungee jumping open up a new world – perhaps a more daring, relaxed and pleasurable one. On the bridge, you will be welcomed by our energetic young team of sports enthusiasts. Worry not, you will be in responsible, caring and trustworthy hands. We guarantee to make you laugh and relax to help you overcome your fear and take the leap. Rest assured that nothing is left to chance: safety is our top priority and an integral component of our 30-year-old success story.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped create this Solkan tale of adventure and to all whose unyielding positivity brightens our days on the bridge.

In photos below:
- Aleš Jug and Igor Pavlin 
- Mojca Pavlin, Barbara Simsič